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Thread: Hard disk diagnostic tool?

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    Unhappy Hard disk diagnostic tool?


    This is my problem. Since a year ago I started to experience several weird problems with my computer.

    I was using Windows XP/7 in a dual boot and then weird behaviors on my machine raised, such as boot failing, screwed drivers, programs stopping to work, hard disk access forever, etc, and the problems seemed to go away after I reinstall OS. And yes, I use AV, firewall and anti-spyware.

    In the beggining of this year I upgraded my hardware (mob, memory, cpu) but kept my SATA Samsung HD (320GB).

    I still have the same random problems even now that I am using Ubuntu. After some computer use after the OS install the strange things starts to happen. I have reinstalled Ubuntu about 10 times in the last week. My suspicion is that my hard disk may be screwed, but mostly of common diagnostic tools says that it is fine.

    There is any reliable and efficient HD diagnostic tool that I can really trust? Or I just have to dispose this HD and purchase a new one?

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    Re: There is reliable and efficient hard disk diagnostic tool out there?

    Burn a copy of Ultimate Boot CD (UCBD) and use the Samsung factory diagnostic. If it passes, then check the voltages of your power supply. You didn't include it in the list of parts that you upgraded. Using a new motherboard with an old power supply will confound your ability to troubleshoot.
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    Re: There is reliable and efficient hard disk diagnostic tool out there?

    Use the S.M.A.R.T. information

    Have a look at this link Bad sectors occurring on laptop (trusty) (see post #3)

    or this link Hard Disk SMART Status - Reallocated Sector Count


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