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Thread: Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr and RAID5 not booting

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    Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr and RAID5 not booting

    So I'm trying to migrate my media center over to Ubuntu from Windows 7. I've recently put in three identical drives into the system and put on RAID 5. The installation discs picked up the array and allowed me to install to it and generally goes fine. However, upon restarting to boot into the system, the kernel can't find the boot device.
    dmesg | grep device returns the following error:
    device-mapper: table: 252:0: raid: unknown target type
    device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table

    The error is repeated three times (I suspect this is because there are three drives in the system). After which I am dropped into the initramfs' busybox prompt.

    Trying to run dmraid -ay returns the same error and no progress can be made. The only option I have is to poweroff.

    However if I boot from the LiveCD, I can mount and chroot the device.

    Have I found a bug in Ubuntu? Shouldn't the device involved be raid456 instead of just raid?

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    Re: Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr and RAID5 not booting

    Nvm, fixed it myself.

    Steps to fix:
    1. Boot from LiveCD
    2. switch over to console ( [Ctrl]+[Super]+[F1] ) and do ' lsmod | grep raid '
    3. mount the raid array to /mnt:
    4. chroot /mnt
    5. modify /etc/initramfs-tools/modules to include the modules listed in step 2 above.
    6. rebuild initrd using mkinitramfs ( ' mkinitramfs -o /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-24-generic 3.13.0-24-generic ' )
    7. reinstall grub ( ' update-grub && grub-install /dev/mapper/<mapper-name> ' )
    8. exit chroot
    9. reboot
    10. Profit!

    List of modules displayed by the lsmod | grep raid :

    it seems pretty silly that the above aren't included in the default image, as they're required to boot a RAID array.

    I've filed a bugreport, since these files are critical to allow a RAIDed system to boot.


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