Hello guys, I have been an avid user of lubuntu distro for about 2 or 3 years and it helped me to revive my dell optiplex with pentiumIV as well as 1GB of RAM. However, I was very disappointed with the last release, 13.10, because I could not use flash on a website for maths revision. Before that release, I used to rely on intel linux graphics and it sorted out the problem, but not until 13.10. However, i used windows xp since then to revise. However, when I installed 14.04 just 5 days ago (freshly installed), I decided to go on that website again to see if the web browser (firefox) would play some content with my own doubt........BUT what happens instead, that website works out of the box!!!!!! With no linux graphics drivers or whatever!!!!!!! I checked and the browser asked if I could allow 'Adobe plugin' to cpntinue running................. :S

My point of this post is to point out that this 'fix' did not come sooner than later and I bet there were other users with similar PC specs who had to face this kind of problem like me. I would like to pat on a shoulder on a guy who brought this fix to show gratitude and display huge disappointment to lubuntu team for not addressing this kind of problem. Especially me spending HOURS testing this and that to make something work.

I might sound like an argument maker/noob/troll/biased opinion/whatever, but I would like to hear those who know better than me on why this fix did not happen in previous release. Thank you.