Hi all,

something "mostly-killed" my installation of 14.04. I can boot to the advanced tools and start the root prompt. I wanted to rebuild it using a USB image (I'm "on the road" and don't have the DVD I originally burned for this purpose). The USB image is sound (I can mount it as "mount -t iso8859 /dev/sdd /mnt" from the recovery console) For some reason, I cannot boot from this USB stick, however (the BIOS has USB on the list, but when I select it, it doesn't start the install disk, it goes to the HDD and I'm back at the recovery prompt).

Now, I suspect the refusal to boot from the USB is a machine/BIOS problem that I don't expect this group to fix (though ideas are welcome). What I'd like to do instead, is essentially to launch the installer from that recovery root prompt. (If I had a windows machine, I could run that little boot launcher ".exe" program, for example.) Can I do this? Given the USB image is mounted, and I have a root prompt?