I have been trying to get something to work. It's perfectly moral and proper. One of my threads was closed, and one is under review. It makes no sense. One of your moderators, Elfy, well-meaning though he is, pointed me to this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1486138. It is a statement of forum policy regarding root login to GUI. None of my posts in any way violate the policy or its spirit. I have read it severl times, and each time I do, I am more baffled at why my posts are being scrutinized. I am at a complete loss to explain, then, how they are in violation of the policy.

Please read my posts about logging in as different users in one session. If you will only do that, you will see that my posts are quite legitimate. I am not advocating nor promoting logging in as root, in fact I am manifestly looking for a workable alternative. Once you have read the posts, kindly afford me the courtesy that is given other users on these forums: Allow me to express myself so that I can get the help I need to accomplish my work.

Please unlock my threads, and don't nitpick the wording to conclude that I am violating a policy which clearly states that explaining how to login as root, is allowed. My posts do not even approach that, and I have been shown no other policy that I am allegedly violating. I am just trying to get some help here- and that not even with root login!