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Thread: Wireless randomly won't connect in 14.04

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    Wireless randomly won't connect in 14.04

    I have a clevo laptop with intel 6250 wireless. Wireless worked fine in 13.10, no problems. since installing 14.04 (clean install), the wireless randomly starts refusing to connect after I suspend/resume the laptop (doesn't happen every time, seems to be at random). When this happens, even rebooting doesn't fix the issue. It just sits there trying to connect, and then stops, no error or anything, the only way to get it to reconnect is rebooting my router, and even that doesn't always work (however I'm fairly sure its not the router, because this issue is only occuring on the ubuntu 14.04 machine, I have macbook air running OSX, several android devices, as well as an asus laptop running xbmcbuntu that all have no such connection issues).
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