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Thread: korganizer, kmail with root login, using other user account

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    korganizer, kmail with root login, using other user account

    I often login as root (yes, and I've been doing it for many years). I am running Ubuntu 12.04 and KDE. When I launch korganizer, it wants to login to akadoni, which won't allow a root login. That's probably a good thing for my scenario, because I always want to use the organizer and mail as user "bill". I login as root, because I am doing some tasks that require root, almost all the time, so logging in as user, bill, would mean logging in and out all day, and having to restart programs or retrieve sessions, etc. So trust me- even though it's a security risk(s)- root login is best for me, and I honestly don't want to discuss it any more. But I need help.

    I want to always run anything that needs a regular user account (akadoni, mail, MySql, etc.) as user bill. I know I can login as bill and constantly sudo my way around (but not in all cases that I need to deal with), and that would solve my problem, while making my machine practically useless for what I do. It seems easier to login as root and tell whatever needs to be told to run as though bill were logged in. There might be some sudo stuff that I don't know about, that would eliminate the need to deal with it constantly, while actually logged in as bill. But I think there are some things that won't work properly if I sudo, for example one process piped to another, or scripts that call other scripts.

    So even though I run as root, I am not knowledgeable enough to know how to solve this problem, since I've been using Windows as a crutch for all of my office software needs. I am trying to completely dump windows after all these years, and do everything in Ubuntu, but without having to login and out al the time. I guess I can start two sessions every day, and just switch between them, but I wonder if my needs can be met even easier than that.

    Many thanks,

    Root - I mean Bill

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    Re: korganizer, kmail with root login, using other user account

    Sorry - you are welcome to login as root. But we'll not support it here.


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