Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 363 for the week April 7 - 13, 2014.

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In This Issue

  • Final Freeze for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (trusty)
  • Ubuntu Stats
  • UGJ-MX, 5-April-2014
  • San Francisco 14.04 Release Party on April 24th
  • Costales: #startubuntu
  • Dustin Kirkland: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS -- Security for Human Beings
  • Ubuntu GNOME: Upgrade Testing
  • Ben Howard: Updated 12.04.4 LTS Cloud Images in response to Heartbleed OpenSSL bug
  • Kubuntu Wire: Install Kubuntu on Windows XP Systems
  • Ubuntu GNOME: Ubuntu GNOME Trusty Tahr Release Candidate
  • Jose Antonio Rey: ownCloud Charm Updated!
  • Ubuntu Women: Career Days: Regional Community Manager wrap-up
  • Canonical News
  • In The Blogosphere
  • Featured Audio and Video
  • Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings
  • Upcoming Meetings and Events
  • Updates and Security for 10.04, 12.04, 12.10 and 13.10
  • And much more!

General Community News

Final Freeze for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (trusty)

The Final Freeze for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (trusty) occurred this past Thursday in preparation for the release on Thursday, April 17th.

Adam Conrad writes about some exceptions to the freeze and concludes: "And don't forget kids, this one's an LTS. It's the release you'll install for your friends, family, and work networks and then promptly forget about for two years because it's just that awesome. At least, it should be. So, if it's not, let's make sure we sort that out."


Ubuntu Stats

Bug Stats

  • Open (108094) +175 over last week
  • Critical (193) -4 over last week
  • Unconfirmed (53195) -26 over last week

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad

Ask Ubuntu Top 5 Questions this week

==== Most Active Questions ====

==== Top Voted New Questions ====

People Contributing the best questions and answers this week: terdon (http://askubuntu.com/users/85695/terdon), Florian Diesch (http://askubuntu.com/users/2369/florian-diesch), Jobin (http://askubuntu.com/users/72576/jobin), Radu Radeanu (http://askubuntu.com/users/147044/radu-rdeanu) and gabemai (http://askubuntu.com/users/72856/gabemai)

Ask (and answer!) your own questions at http://askubuntu.com

LoCo News

UGJ-MX, 5-April-2014

Javier Lopez writes that last weekend the Ubuntu-MX team hosted their fourth Ubuntu Global Jam in Mexico City. He informs us that several photographs were taken and a video made for those who couldn't attend.


San Francisco 14.04 Release Party on April 24th

Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph announces the hosting of a release party at AdRoll by the Ubuntu California Team in San Francisco. If you want to attend, make sure to register on the link provided - they will have free pizza and drinks for the attendees. Also, if you live near San Diego or Los Angeles, the Ubuntu California team will be hosting a release party and an installfest. If you're in another part of the world, make sure to check the global event on the LoCo Team Portal.


The Planet

Costales: #startubuntu

Marcos Costales shows us an image created by Rafael Laguna for the StartUbuntu project and says "Today is the day! Choose usability, beauty, speed, freedom, community!"


Dustin Kirkland: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS -- Security for Human Beings

Dustin Kirkland shares a presentation that he gave to the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Labs about the security features in Ubuntu. Dustin says "Hopefully you'll learn something! I certainly did, as I researched and built this presentation "


Ubuntu GNOME: Upgrade Testing

Ali Linx reminds his readers that Ubuntu GNOME has the same release schedule as Ubuntu and all of its official flavors. Ali asks for help testing upgrades from Ubuntu GNOME 13.10, and requests that results are shared with the Ubuntu GNOME QA Team.


Ben Howard: Updated 12.04.4 LTS Cloud Images in response to Heartbleed OpenSSL bug

Ben Howard writes about the availability of updated Cloud Images in response to the Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability. Ben advises users running an affected version of OpenSSL to update, and goes on to say "For new instances, it is recommended to either use an image with a serial newer than 20140408, or update your OpenSSL and reboot package immediately upon launch."


Kubuntu Wire: Install Kubuntu on Windows XP Systems

Jonathan Riddell informs us that web magazine Muktware has posted an article titled "Install Kubuntu on Windows XP systems" aimed at the millions of machines that are now out of support. Jonathan says "With SSL breaking making the national news, you really can't afford to be out of support."


Ubuntu GNOME: Ubuntu GNOME Trusty Tahr Release Candidate

Ali Linx reminds us that we are in the last phase of the Trusty Tahr cycle, the Final Freeze and Release Candidate. Ali clarifies what the term Release Candidate means, and appeals for help and testing.


Jose Antonio Rey: ownCloud Charm Updated!

Jose Antonio Rey writes about his experience deploying an ownCloud Juju Charm. Jose warns us about some bugs that he is aware of, asks for any other bugs to be reported to Launchpad and says "Now, go and play with ownCloud!"


Ubuntu Women: Career Days: Regional Community Manager wrap-up

Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph writes about Laura Czajkowski and her involvement with Open Source and the Ubuntu community. She mentions that Laura is currently working as the EMEA Community Manager for MongoDB, and ends the article with Laura's answers to some questions.


Canonical News

Adding hardware support to MAAS

Ronald McCollam, Cloud Sales Engineer at Canonical, writes about his experience deploying MAAS on a Desktop-focused hardware instead of servers. He also provides us with information on how to do this, and have a MAAS cluster at home.


OpenStack Continuous Integration on Ubuntu 101

The Canonical OIL dev team inform us that they are about to finish the production roll out of their OpenStack Interoperability Lab (OIL). They answer the question "So what is OIL?", tell us what underlying technology is used and advise that they are getting very close to OIL's official debut.


OpenStack+VMware deployment stories: webinar Q&A

Sally Radwan, Cloud Product Marketing Manager at Canonical, writes a summary of their previous webinar with VMware, "in which they shared customer stories from OpenStack+vSphere deployment projects." She also answers some questions that were asked during the event but could not be answered due to running out of time.


In The Blogosphere

PC-BSD vs. Ubuntu

Gary Sims at MakeTechEasier compares BSD and Ubuntu, checking different features on each system and providing a conclusion based on his personal experience with them both.


Windows XP is dead: So now's the ideal time to switch to Linux

Sebastian Anthony from ITProPortal provides us with an analysis on why should you switch to Linux, how it is installed, and what should be done after installing it, using Ubuntu as an example.


This is Ubuntu running on the Meizu MX3 smartphone (video)
Brad Linder at Liliputing provides us with a video of Ubuntu Touch running on a Meizu MX3, a 5.1 phone which already has an Android version, but will be launched in its Ubuntu version later this year.


One Week Until Lubuntu 14.04: Lightweight, LTS, Tidy Overview & Screenshots

Craciun Dan from TuxArena gives us a general overview of a 14.04 Lubuntu install, explaining most of the default features included on the system's new release. He accompanies all descriptions with screenshots of each feature.


Featured Audio and Video

Jono Bacon Q&A - 8th April 2014

Jono Bacon presents another of his regular Ubuntu on Air! Q&A sessions.


Ubuntu Engineering Live! - 9th April 2014

Michael Hall is joined by Alan Pope and Thomas Strehl for another Engineering Live! update which was first broadcast at Ubuntu on Air!


Ubuntu Podcast from the UK LoCo: S07E02 - The One Where Everybody Finds Out

"We're back with the second episode of Season Seven of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson, Tony Whitmore, and Laura Cowen are drinking tea and eating early Easter cakes in Studio L.

In this week's show:

  • We interview Mark Shuttleworth about Ubuntu, convergence, the Community, and more...
  • We also discuss building a Steam box, trying out 14.04, using XMind, and taking photos of Tom Baker and other Doctor Who stars, oh and being interviewed by Michaela Strachan on TV in 1990.
  • We share some Command Line Lurve: reptyr <pid> from @climagic.
  • And we read your feedback."


Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings

Upcoming Meetings and Events

For upcoming meetings and events please visit the calendars at fridge.ubuntu.com: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendars/

Updates and Security for 10.04, 12.04, 12.10 and 13.10

Security Updates

Ubuntu 10.04 Updates

End of Life - April 2015 (Server)

Ubuntu 12.04 Updates

End of Life - April 2017

Ubuntu 12.10 Updates

End of Life - April 2014

Ubuntu 13.10 Updates

End of Life - July 2014


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