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Thread: new ubuntu 14 issues

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    new ubuntu 14 issues

    Hi all: i recently did the ubuntu 14 upgrade and have some questions and was hoping to find some helpful answers please.
    1. are there any good walkthroughs of the new layout and such?
    -- i tried doing the help menu provided and it still has the ubuntu 13 layout for pics and such.
    -- when i originally rebooted post upgrade i did get a set of different log-in options; are there multiple pre-set themes to work in for this 14 version?
    2. my dvd rom doesn't work: no reaction when i hit the button; am curious if there is a fix for this?
    3. i tried downloading adobe flash for chrome, but none of the zip files seemed to do anything and i still have no flash on chrome; any thoughts please? (it is very possible that i downloaded wrong type of file or unzipped wrong file, so maybe starting with confirming the correct file type to download would be a good start)
    4. workspaces: i like having lots of them and really enjoyed the old grid form, but this new horizontal menu bar workspace layout gets pretty clustered once getting to around 6-8 spaces ---- and I typically use a 16 space 4x4 layout; help please?

    I have a marginal amount of terminal knowledge and can cut and paste pretty good: not so good at necessarily knowing what all i'm pasting means --- i do appreciate any and all help: thank you.

    ps- how much difference is there between ubuntu studio and regular ubuntu? could this disctinction be an issue for them desktop theme or other problems?

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    Re: new ubuntu 14 issues

    The user interface in 14.04 is much the same as in 13.10 Both use Unity 7.

    As I understand it Chrome is able to deal with flash content. It is built in.

    Adobe Flash Player is directly integrated with Google Chrome and enabled by default.

    when i originally rebooted post upgrade i did get a set of different log-in options;
    Did you have alternate desktops installed?

    this new horizontal menu bar workspace layout
    Please explain. Are you refering to what we see when press Alt+tab? Or Ctrl+Alt+tab? I much prefer Ctrl+Alt+arrow key.

    Ubuntu comes with 3 default themes and has done so for many months/years. Alternative themes may be developed by the community. If you are having problems with themes then changing to Ubuntu Studio will not fix those problems because it sits on the same code base as Ubuntu. What are the problems? vs. Ubuntu
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