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Thread: Fresh Ubuntu/Uubuntu-Gnome 14.04 reboots on inactivity

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    Fresh Ubuntu/Uubuntu-Gnome 14.04 reboots on inactivity

    I have installed Ubuntu and Ubuntu-Gnome 14.04 on my AMD APU a8-5600k and both seem to have the same problem. If I stop moving the mouse or typing with the keyboard about 10-20 seconds later the system reboots. I suspected it may be the screensaver or power management, so I disabled the screensaver and disabled suspend in SYSTEM SETTINGS. That didn't work, so I disabled S3 suspend in the BIOS. That didn't help either. I tried noacpi boot option with no luck. I then installed Kubuntu 14.04 and everything is working fine. I am not a huge fan of KDE, and I would prefer to use Ubuntu or Ubuntu-Gnome. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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