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Thread: Battery icon disappeared after an update?

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    Battery icon disappeared after an update?

    I installed Ubuntu Unity 14.04 beta2 a few days ago, because I need an OS to replace WinXP (I tried Linux Mint 16 xfce for some months before, but got sick of how slow it ran, this new installation seems to run smoother somehow). I did some updates through the software updater, and today I did another update, but now the battery icon showing how much power my netbook has left, has disappeared? I checked my system settings, but it still says "show battery status in menu bar when battery is present".

    How can I fix this?

    Oh, by the way, I have no prior linux experience other than those months I described in the above, and am not exactly tech-savvy, so please explain in simple words?

    edit: Okay, this is really weird. My computer just fell out (probably the battery ran out) and when I plugged in the power and turned it on again, the icon reappeared.
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