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Thread: 14.04 installation failure

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    14.04 installation failure

    I have tried several different machines for an install of 14.04 Trusty Thar but each installation had failed. After installing on the first machine which was a fresh install and the second which was an upgrade from 13.10 I received the same error message. Serious problems have occurred,no disc present or detected select I to continue, S to skip mount or M to mount manually. Any suggestions as to what I may have done wrong or could it be a problem with the download?

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    Re: 14.04 installation failure

    Please consider posting more details. Perhaps a picture of screen showing error message(s)? Or copy to paper and reply to thread with exact text of error message(s)?

    Also consider downloading 14.04 install again. I have had a problem in past with a bad download and copy to DVD, once I threw away the DVD and made a new one my installs were fine.

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    Re: 14.04 installation failure

    Hi there.

    I have same problem with installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on system.

    The problems are the following:

    1) No ISo files. Just a lot files and directory in the zip files
    2) Can't boot form the dvd/cd. The of dvd/cd no boot file, missing or corrupt !!! Can use it even in vm environment.
    3) Restarting your computer to boot, with burned files to dvd/cd don't work either !!!!
    4) I have downloaded the torrent file version via bit torrent still the same results, no ISO file image, no the third time this weekend.

    There is something wrong with Ubuntu server which handles the download's. It is given a lot useless files.
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    Re: 14.04 installation failure

    When burning the disc you need to choose iso image ........ @ francois3

    What are you using to burn the disk with ..... its probably a problem in the way the Windows disc is being created and how you are
    burning / writing the disk ......... then do you check the information given by the writer to make sure the md5 sum is correct.

    But as said some more information on what its saying may help here ......... and some checks on how the disks were burned and if
    they are reporting the correct numbers back - after they are burned to DVD in many cases .


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