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Thread: Fn keys not working anymore

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    Fn keys not working anymore

    Fn keys not working

    I have HP Pavilion dm1 with E-450. Even before some Fn Keys didn't work, but the important ones did. I never needed the brightness keys until now when i had a presentation outside. I couldn't see anything as i had the laptop on batery and the screen brightness was autoreduced.

    I know these keys worked. Sound keys still work, but wi-fi on off key never worked (though i could toggle that in network manager). i don't know exactly when the backlight keys stopped working as i never needed them before.

    when i got home i tried to troubleshoot it a bit but i can't found the culprint.
    BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-3.11.0-19-generic root=UUID=b8d9906e-6a55-4762-a562-6bc1c558f30d ro quiet splash acpi_osi=linux acpi_backlight=legacy vt.handoff=7
    so far i tried 
    i am using fglrx drivers.

    some info on the GPU:
    description: VGA compatible controller
    product: Wrestler [Radeon HD 6320]
    vendor: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI]
    the touchpad off button doesn't work but i figured i could workarround this in another way.

    anyway today i have a few older distros on multiboot USB key, so i though i would give them a try and find were the issue is. all were live session with defautl rradeon driver:
    Kubuntu 13.10 live (image from January i believe) - only sound FN keys work (as it is now)
    Lubuntu 13.04 live - no Fn keys work
    Xubuntu 12.04 live - all Fn keys work !!! (including the wi-fi that never worked in Kubuntu)

    So any suggesitons how to find what is causing this or what is the correct setting. It appears to me to be a Kubuntu specific bug. if i am correct i need to report it in launchpad. or is this a kernel (kernel setting?!) issue?

    how to troubleshoot?

    i will attempt to get 14.04 beta and see if that one works. really dissapointed at the moment

    Edit: I tried with 14.04 (live session, radeon drivers) - it is also not working. Wi-fi acts like before , sound keys work but screen brightness do not.
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