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Thread: Problem with kubuntu desktop

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    Problem with kubuntu desktop

    I have a problem with kubuntu desktop.
    Every start system are a few pop-up windows with internel error and icons show ony two lines not on all desktop.
    Before I had a problem with update my system - I didn't have enough space for boot partition for update.. so I changed it in the partition manager... But ups.. there was a bug in this process and I lost all data on my boot partition... so I installed it with "ubuntu boot partition fix" or someting like this... and there was a problem with mesa-utils - the newest version was with conflict with another package.. After I had a problem with change source software... But somehow I managed with this...
    Now I need a help with irritating bug on my desktop shows every start system...

    First bug's window: (all my packagesare up to date):

    Second bug's window:

    I am waiting for help.
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