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Thread: How to force internet to use wired connection in Lubuntu?

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    How to force internet to use wired connection in Lubuntu?

    The internet on my Samsung N220 Lubuntu netbook works fine in the office. At home it works kind-of, but the internet hangs up every couple of minutes, then works again when I disconnect/reconnect the wireless connection. The obvious fix would be to try using the wired connection.

    This does work in that I can log into the router control panel via the wired connection. However I do not seem to be able to use the internet over the ethernet cable. If I "enable networking" but "disable wireless" in the little pop-up on the desktop, the internet stops working.

    I'm a complete Linux newcomer and no idea what diagnostics to post. Desktop > Preferences > Network connections shows
    "Wired network one" = eth0 perfectly good, with "connect automatically" checked. To repeat, I can connect to the router control panel OK.

    I would prefer if I could get the internet working over the cable by use of this or other GUI widget, but it would be a huge relief to get it working any way at all. It must be nearly OK ... just that last step.

    Alternatively, any tips on how to stop the internet hanging up on the wireless connection would also do the job, however, to me this looks trickier to fix than just geting the cable connection working.

    Many thanks

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    Re: How to force internet to use wired connection in Lubuntu?


    check if there's a MAC-address filter active in your router. How do you add your Login/PW of your provider? Is it in your router interface? Try to delete any connection in "cable" and "DSL" of the network-manager and reboot your system.

    For wireless: Set the encryption mode to pure WPA2-AES (CCMP) at home and a fixed channel.

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    Re: How to force internet to use wired connection in Lubuntu?

    Thanks for your reply, it's solved, the keyword is "reboot" and what that means. What I find is that if I power down completely and start again, then the cable connection is used and the wireless connection is not started. If however I am using the wireless, plug the cable in and do "restart" then the wireless is still preferred and the cable is not used. This is different from my experience with PCs, where I am pretty sure that a restart is identical to power down and start again.


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