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Thread: Cloning old hard drive

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    Cloning old hard drive

    Ok, so here is my situation: I have a really (really) old desktop computer, a Packard Bell 945 (or at least that's what it claims the model number is). It has a 333Mhz obviously single core Processor and 64MB of RAM. The hard drive is a 4GB IDE drive. I would plug it into my not-as-old PC that has IDE connectors, but it doesn't show up for some reason, so that would also be a solution. If that can't work, however, then I need a lightweight version of Linux to run that is compatible with a lightweight disk imaging program. I would prefer a VDI or VMDK. If there is software you know of for Windows 98, that would work too, as long as it meets those processor and RAM requirements. As a test, I was able to boot into PLoP Boot Manager off of a flash drive, which allowed me to boot into Ubuntu's GRUB menu, but from there, regular and recovery mode both crashed to the BiOS. Oh, and this is a one time thing so I don't want to go out and but an IDE to USB adapter or anything like that. Any suggestions? Afteward, I will be doing this with the file:

    Edit: Just found this, looks great except it requires 128MB of RAM
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