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Thread: M3u8 ???

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    M3u8 ???

    Hi y'all

    So I am getting this error message every time I try to watch vids from a particular site. Error message says "Cannot load M3U8 404 not found. I did a little searching around on the web about this message. Some say it will usually clear up spontaniously, some say it is a soft ware issue within one's particular device.

    I have watched videos from this site before that have worked. I get the same message on these videos now too.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: M3u8 ???

    A 404 message simply indicates that the file you are after no longer exists at that address. On the other hand m3u8 is a playlist file which I will admit gave some trouble with the latest vlc and MPlayer. Do you have some sample addresses?
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