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Thread: html5 photo gallery

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    Question html5 photo gallery

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for html5 photo gallery template to use at my web server.
    Those templates that I found should be edited to set names of my jpg/png files.
    It is bothering when you have a lot of images to display.
    Have you ever seen some template where no changes should be done to start using?
    I mean, just copy my jpg/png files into /img directory and forget about it.
    Is it possible at all?

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    Re: html5 photo gallery

    I know of Templates you can find online, but none to which I did not have to recode a bit to get working. But if you just want to place images into a directory, that way you have easy access to use the HTML 5 Codes for them, seems like your host should be able to do that. Like if you use word press, then you have the links to your photos, and can readly do them. Still, that takes a bit of coding. Also for a note, I think this would do better in the programming sub-forums.
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    Re: html5 photo gallery

    I used Minigal Nano on a web-site and it is very simple. To make captions for the images you just create a text file in each folder that looks like this:
    image1.jpg|My cat
    image2.jpg|My dog
    I'm sure that someone could easily write a bash script to automatically create this file from a folder of images if you only want the actuall filename as a caption.

    For selecting which image is chosen to represent the folder just copy an image and rename it "folder.jpg".

    You can get it here:

    You can see what it looks like at my site, not all images have captions yet. Go here and click on Gallery.
    Edit: I removed the link because I started to get spam for the first time
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    Re: html5 photo gallery

    Thanks, Minigal Nano is really very nice tool.

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