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Thread: Having trouble installing xubuntu.

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    Having trouble installing xubuntu.

    Hello. I'm new to this stuff and I feel kind of lost. I have an old laptop and would like to install xubuntu on it. I downloaded the image from the site and burned it on a dvd. When I boot the laptop and tell it to read from the cd-rom first, it takes a few seconds to read it and tells me it doesn't find anything bootable. Where could the problem be ? Thanks!

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    Re: Having trouble installing xubuntu.


    1) Does your cd-rom read DVDs?
    2) Did you md5sum the image to check the download is good? (If you downloaded by torrent, you do not have to do this.)
    3) How did you burn the image to the DVD?
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    Re: Having trouble installing xubuntu.

    I'm not it can read DVDs. I tried it on my pc and it recognized it. I think I'd have to do the usb thingy then, right ? Since I have you here I would like to ask you a few more questions as well. If I decide on installing ubuntu or xubuntu alongside my current windows:
    1. Is the instalation relatively easy, considering my ignorance ?
    2. Is the uninstalation also easy ?

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    Re: Having trouble installing xubuntu.

    Here's a brief pictorial review of the Ubuntu installation process: (It's the same on Xubuntu.)

    Pay attention to the options in the "Installation Type" section.

    Updates will be available after you reboot into the new install, perhaps quite a few. You should install them.


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