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Thread: Updating a Windows app in Wine

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    Updating a Windows app in Wine

    I'm playing Hearthstone through Wine, and when I boot up the app it's giving me an error message saying that it's trying to update but it can't because it's running. I guess it wants me to update it whie it runs in the background, but since it runs through Wine that doesn't seem to be possible. What is the recommended way to update this app? Should I just re-download it and reinstall, or is there an easier way?


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    Re: Updating a Windows app in Wine

    Problem is that Wine is not an emulator, that is, it's not a version of the Window OS running inside Linux. That means the typical installation and system management utilities are not available. If you can't update it while it's running, you would probably have to see about downloading and installing an already update version of it -- unless they provide some kind of utility you can download that will run the update for you.
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