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    I'm relatively new to Ubuntu and have some simple questions, whcih is why I joined here. However, upon reading some of the threads which looked promising as they seemed to be near to the subjects that interested me, I noticed something which prompts me to ask the following.
    It seems that when someone asks an innocent and legitimate question in this forum, several people jump on that person and either point out how dumb he/she is or ask him/her a barage of really condesending questions of the "Is your computer plugged in" type and after the person answers the flurry of questions, the person's original question is never answered. In fact, I've noticed that very few questions are ever really answered - it's mostly ty this try that and I saw something somewhere which said to do this or that. Sometimes, those answering the question get into arguments about which "answer" is correct or better. The other thing that seems to happen is that most "answers" tell the person what NOT to do and what to be careful of and how their system may blow up if they do something wrong, but no one ever gets around to telling the person what to actually DO to solve his/her problem. My question is:
    Is this the normal operation for this forum or am I just missing whereit it is that the real actual answers are hidden?
    With the utmost respect
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