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Thread: Elementary OS Luna, missing theme?

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    Elementary OS Luna, missing theme?

    So recently I installed Elementary OS in my Windows system, which turned out to be great. It worked perfectly, and I also installed some themes. Well one day I started up the computer and the themes I chosen were suddenly gone. I did nothing special, I sometimes installed the themes via terminal, other times by putting them in the .themes folder. Bad thing is, the default theme (Elementary) is gone so I'm stuck with the high-contrast themes. Any help would be appreciated.

    Afonso Ribeiro

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    Re: Elementary OS Luna, missing theme?

    Hi Afonso
    Welcome to the Ubuntu forums.

    If you don't need the themes you have installed I would just remove them by removing the .themes folder in your home directory ( eOS pantheon-theme doesn't need it, I don't have any .themes folder ) .
    The themes you have installed via terminal, I would un-install via terminal.
    Log out and log in again to see if it works.

    Do you have elementary-tweaks installed ?


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