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Thread: Moving .thunderbird folder to a sync. folder

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    Moving .thunderbird folder to a sync. folder

    Since UbuntuOne is due to expire I have set up an account with JustCloud. I use three computers and used to have the .thunderbird file synced so that I could access all my mail on all three machines. I want to move the .thunderbird folder to the Sync folder so that I can continue to do this. Is there an easy way to move all the data to a new location. I can change the local folders in Thunderbird, but I need to move all the profile, address book, calendar etc.
    I'm not over confident using command lines but can follow instructions!!
    Thanks to anyone who can help!

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    Re: Moving .thunderbird folder to a sync. folder

    Another thought - I setup a Gmail account then had my other still active accounts consolidated there. I use T-B and access via imap. I access Gmail from any of 4 computers as well as my iPhone.
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    Regards, Pete


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