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Thread: Gtkpod: Error opening '/home/gilbert.ext' for writing (Permission denied).

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    Angry Gtkpod: Error opening '/home/gilbert.ext' for writing (Permission denied).

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me sync my ipod using gtkpod. The first thing I tried to do is delete my old music collection from my iPod. This is accomplished by right clicking the iPod, Remove All Tracks From Ipod -> I'm Sure.

    However, I get the following error:

    Error opening '/home/gilbert.ext' for writing (Permission denied).

    After clicking okay, I get another error:

    Error opening '/home/gilbert' for writing (Is a directory).

    After clicking okay, the status bar at the lower left hand corner remains stuck on "Now writing database 'Gilbert's iPod'. Please wait..."

    P.S. Anyone know a good way to convert FLAC to an apple compatible format on the fly during sync? This is what I am hoping to do with gtkpod, and I haven't been able to do it with Rhythmbox (crashes when I try to sync)

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    Re: Gtkpod: Error opening '/home/gilbert.ext' for writing (Permission denied).

    I had the same issue. I worked around it by creating a file named /home/[user].ext where [user] is my user name. In your case it would be /home/gilbert.ext I'm not sure this was the best or correct solution. But it worked for me. The other thing I needed was to create a HashInfo file. After those two, gtkpod seems to play nice. Note that you need to be superuser to create /home/[user].ext and you should make sure you have permissions to write to it.


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