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Thread: VLC pvr not enabled in 14.04

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    Re: VLC pvr not enabled in 14.04

    I think I found a solution with avconv:

    avconv -i /dev/video0 -c copy -c:v h264 -f mpegts udp://<destination-ip-address>:5004
    At the destination I use VLC and open udp://@:5004

    I need to check video quality and a/v sync more closely but it seems to work.

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    Re: VLC pvr not enabled in 14.04

    Found this in the wiki:

    You need to use the 'compressed' alias (v4l2 with c):
    vlc 'v4l2c://'
    The frequency setting doesn't work though, it has a strange factor on it. If you enter for example 50, then you get 195.3125 MHz, so you never can set an integer value.

    vlc 'v4l2c://:tuner-frequency=50'
    As a workarround you can use this (for 216MHz):

    ivtv-tune -f 216 && vlc 'v4l2c://'
    Opening the TV from the VLC GUI doesn't seem to be possible. The only way I got it to work was through the "Network" tab and entering "v4l2c://" as URL. This does not allow for setting a frequency though, that would still have to be done from a commandline (ivtv-tune -f 216).

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    Re: VLC pvr not enabled in 14.04

    Moved to Multimedia & Video, as 14.04 has been released, and is no longer in development.

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