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Thread: [elementaryOS] 5 Myths About elementary

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    [elementaryOS] 5 Myths About elementary

    Cassidy James posted this, first on his personal blog and then on the elementary Journal.
    Explains what elementary is all about and what myths exists.

    5 Myths About elementary

    I think this is interesting news if you have a newer laptop or just newer hardware thats not supported by the "old" 3.2 kernel and x-server from Precise:
    Further, thanks to the folks over at Canonical, we even have a new hardware enablement stack available to users that includes new drivers and a new kernel for hardware that came out after Luna was released. This is installable in Luna already, but we're also working on a new download image that has it (along with all updates to Luna) included, making installs on new hardware even easier.
    There is at least 3 threads about elementary Luna and newer laptops / hardware where the LTS hardware enablement stack was needed:
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