Hello, I have a few questions that I haven't been able to find the answers to:

1. How is local file storage handled?
A) Does QML handle it or do I need to use C++ or use Qt to handle reading and writing files?
B) Is there a defined location for the storage e.g. on Windows Phone your storage for your app is like this:
I can store whatever I want in C:\MyApp but if I need to share it I can put it in \Share (not exactly how it works, but close)
C) Where Javascript can only do SQL and LocalStorage, those aren't primed on ubuntu touch for storing large amounts of data are they?

2. Does QML have any options for handling opening and saving local files if #1 A has an option? If so where can I find documentation or an example of this?

I guess my biggest question is A can I store files like if my app writes data to a regular file, and B where is the file stored/located or do I have to create all of these items?