I have been running Xubuntu for a long time, currently 14.04, and decided to try Gnome Shell.
I tried using the Beta2 installer to upgrade, and when I was finished, I was presented with choices to log into sessions of Default, Xubuntu, Xfce, Gnome and Gnome Classic. Oddly, logging into Gnome gave me a totally blank desktop, and the only way to get out was to hard reboot. Gnome Classic gave me the Gnome Shell.
I decided to just try reinstalling without upgrading, so I wiped my / partition and kept /home and just did a fresh install. Now I am presented with Default, Gnome, and Gnome Classic. Gnome again gives me a blank desktop. Gnome Classic gives me shell.
Is there a way to correct this behavior? Change some settings in Dconf editor? Can I safely delete some setting or hidden file in my /home directory and do a fresh install to fix it?