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Thread: Need help with Android-x86

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    Need help with Android-x86

    I've successfully installed Android and set up GRUB in a multi-boot setup. I want to know how I can get my modem D-Link DSL 2520U USB to be detected and used Please help. Thanks.

    I LOVE the Android interface, it is so fluid, and nice looking. I just hope they come up with a way to run apps in windowed mode, optimize the desktop to run like a DE and be able to manage files well. I really like the animated wallpaper too. Everything is so slick in Android.

    Edit: My modem/router is D-Link DSL 2520U

    Edit: My modem sets up successfully with dhcpcd eth1, however dns doesn't work. I tried setprop net.dns1 but still it gives unknown host error when trying to ping any website. I can ping an IP address successfully. How can I set dns up?
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