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Thread: Compal KHLB2 stop battery charge from system addresses

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    Compal KHLB2 stop battery charge from system addresses

    Hi everyone!

    I have a compal KHLB2 laptop. In windows, with a program called green charger you can disable charging, even if the battery is 50% charged. I want to do the same in ubuntu 13.1. I googled for it a lot but I didn't find anything helpful. In the attachment below you can find a pdf with a part of the service manual. This part contains some systems addresses with their functionality. In page 11 there is the "Battery stop charge enable" address.

    So, my questions are:
    Is it possible to write a small and simple program, for example in C, in order to read and change these addresses?
    If yes,
    How I can do that? (with a small code example).

    Thank you
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