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Thread: Surveillance in Ubuntu made easy with ContaCam and WINE (Installation Instructions)

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    Surveillance in Ubuntu made easy with ContaCam and WINE (Installation Instructions)

    ContaCam Surveillance Software in Ubuntu-WINE HowTo

    Are you looking for Surveillance Software to use within Ubuntu -that is easy to install and use but is also feature rich?
    ContaCam surveillance software is a great solution.

    Here is a view of the webserver once setup:

    ContaCam is a Free Video Surveillance software and Live Webcam solution that runs natively in the Windows environment.
    It can be used in Ubuntu (or other Linux Distros) through the use of WINE.

    It is far easier to setup and use than Zoneminder or Motion -in my opinion.

    ContaCam is opensource software and Free of Charge (although donations are welcome).

    I have no part in the development or maintenance of ContaCam software. I am only a user of the software who has recently switched from using Windows to using Ubuntu full time -but I wanted to keep the use of ContaCam -which I was using with my Windows installation. I wanted to start using Ubuntu as my main and only OS but getting ContaCam to work in Ubuntu + WINE was the only thing holding me back. I have spent 60+ hours finding the "best practices" for ContaCam installation in WINE, and have made a How-To document I would like to share. Using the tutorial allows installation to only take 20-30 minutes, depending on your internet speed for package downloads and features you wish to setup.

    I would like to someday soon create an installer for Ubuntu that will automate this procedure, but for now I will provide the procedure.

    The HowTo document will explain steps so that the you know what you are doing and why, and pictures are included for easy reference.

    I couldn't attach this file in the Ubuntu forums because it was too big, so here is a link to it in my dropbox:

    Here are some screen captures of the web server and the program:

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    Re: Surveillance in Ubuntu made easy with ContaCam and WINE (Installation Instruction

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