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Thread: How do I reduce the size of a VDI?

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    How do I reduce the size of a VDI?

    I have a Windows guest that is currently 30GB and I have reduced the amount of space it uses within the guest (it's XP). It would be better if it was 15 GB. The original is dynamically allocated and I tried doing:

    VBoxManage modifyhd "XP Plain-desk1.vdi --resize 15000

    VBoxManage: error: Resize hard disk operation for this format is not implemented yet!

    I made a clone with Virtual Disk Manager and changed the allocation to standard, and still get this error.

    Is there a way to shrink this?
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    Re: How do I reduce the size of a VDI?

    If you want 15G, shouldn't that be 15000?
    you can create a new vHDD of the size you want and use a file system data mirror tool to copy everything over. I'd think a recovery disk will be necessary to correct the boot after - might not be a big deal with XP.

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    Re: How do I reduce the size of a VDI?

    Yes, you are right regarding the resize error. I fixed that, but I couldn't get this to work either with this command, or various clone/compact CLI commands in Ubuntu. I ended up shrinking the partition first in Windows using Easeus partition manager (freeware version) from within the guest (gparted Live didn't work). Then I used the VDIClone tool to clone and compact (in a different Windows virtual machine). Now all is good.

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