I run into an issue trying to import a pgp key,the output of gpg was something like
gpg: can't open `/home/user/.gnupg/pubring.gpg'
after noticing that in ~/.gnupg directory the files pubring.gpg,pubring.gpg~ and secring.gpg were owned by root and after examining some related threads on the forum,I've changed their ownership to my user id leaving the group to root
rw-------  1 user user 1139 Mar 23 13:01 pubring.gpg
rw-------  1 user  root 0 Jul 10 2013 pubring.gpg~
rw-------  1 user root  0 Jul 10  2013 secring.gpg
rw-------  1 user user 1200 Jul 10  2013 trustdb.gpg
is it the above correct or should I change the group "root" to "user" as well?

And,how come those files were owned by root? Why does that happen?
Should I look into something,security wise?