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Thread: nVIDIA install on Kali LINUX problem solved

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    nVIDIA install on Kali LINUX problem solved

    Hi guys, do you still have problem with installing nVIDIA driver on you latest kali linux?
    here is the solution for you, what I experienced was desperately following all others forums instructions, non of them worked for me
    here is my laptop Specs:
    nVIDIA 750M
    Core i7 qm
    Lenovo Y500
    Kali Linux 1.0.6 amd64

    what I finally understood was that all the linux kernels in kali repository are not complete
    so I went to and downloaded the latest LTS kernel source
    I compiled the source and get my own kernel-image.deb and kerne-headers.deb
    the next thing I've done was removing the existing nvidia drivers module from DKMS by this command: dkms remove nvidia/331.49 --all
    ***note that in my case I had installed dkms of nvidia driver with 331.49 version you might not have it or it might be different version
    the second thing I've done was that I removed all the nvidia installed packages from the os
    apt-get remove nvidia-* --purge
    apt-get remove nvidia* --purge

    then I went to tty1 by simply hitting Ctrl+Alt+F1
    logged in by root account
    and then I disabled the current desktop manager, in my case I have KDE as my desktop X, so I disabled it by this command: service kdm stop
    after it stopped the X desktop, I installed the nVIDIA driver as follow:
    ./ -a --no-unified-memory
    after this it will came up the screen, you must skip the dkms registration by simply choosing no for this dialog box
    then follow the installation window and its up to you if you wanna have 32bit libs installed or not
    then voila you have installed it

    after it gives you the success message, choose the nvidia as you X desktop manager
    then it will send you back to bash command environment
    now you can back to graphical mode by this command: service start kdm
    thats all, enjoy your nvidia full performance.

    *** please keep in mind, while you are in a compiling stage of the kernel choose the make xconfig as your compiller command it will bring up the very nice gui interface, click on the menu and search for nouveau and disable it for nvidia and radeon ATI
    then save it as your .config file

    if you have no idea how to compile the new kernel I post the tutorial here


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    Re: nVIDIA install on Kali LINUX problem solved

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