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Thread: Can I dilute my way to privacy?

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    Re: Can I dilute my way to privacy?

    That is "propensity scoring". You get classified by what you buy and what you browse. That web page you open on Amazon will display a different price to you depending on your "propensity score". Your smartphone is probably a bigger threat than your browser.
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    Re: Can I dilute my way to privacy?

    No, more cookies leads to more tracking, not less. Don't log in to services like Google, facebook, etc when browsing. If you do log in then clear cookies before surfing to the next site. I tend to use a few different browsers at once so that everything doesn't get tracked by any one service.

    Use bleachbit, adblocker, and noscripts in firefox.
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    Re: Can I dilute my way to privacy?

    The public internet is public. Well now, who woulda thunkit?

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    Re: Can I dilute my way to privacy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Barkester View Post
    Sorry if it seems weird to want, but people haven't glass houses for the same reason. People buy curtains.I want some curtains.

    Would such dilution help with privacy issues and what other ways might dilution be used?

    Not a critical question but curious. Thanks for all replies.
    Have you looked at this?
    Simple Proxy setup
    I use it quite a bit!

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