About a week ago I downloaded and installed Ubuntu 14.04 Beta 1 intending to update my way to the final release (because I was excited and because I wanted to get a head start). My question is this: if I continue to update it, what am I going to end up with a few months from now...the LTS?. The normal release?. When I first installed it I saw the word "LTS" in a few places during the installation (and based on a few things I've read) I was under the impression that the beta 1 (which I have installed now) will eventually become the LTS - however, when I run "lsb_release -a" it just says "Ubuntu 14.04" "Trusty Tahr" "Development Channel" but I don't see "LTS". So do I have the LTS or normal release installed?.

Also, once it becomes the final release, will I need to change repos?.

Thanks for your input, CB