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Thread: How to change multiple filenames

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    How to change multiple filenames

    My girlfriend and I have been on vacation and we took a lot of pictures, but on separate cameras. So the files will not sort in a logical sense. On top of that, one of the cameras had a default 'date and time' setting, so we cannot sort it after time either.

    Is there a way in which we can rename the files in a folder that is manually sorted to "example_001, example_002, (...)"?

    I currently use Ubuntu 12.04.


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    Re: How to change multiple filenames

    Have a look at pyrenamer if you want a GUI.
    Has a preview function.
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    Re: How to change multiple filenames

    If they are jpegs you can use the terminal program jhead it's very good if you're not afraid of getting invoved with the terminal.

    I once went on holiday and gathered all the photos off everyones cameras and just dumped them into a single folder hoping they would display in order but of course all the different cameras have different naming conventions and some of them had incorrectly set clocks so using jhead I could extract the photos that were incorrectly dated and adjust their timestamps and then rename all photos to the same convention so they displayed in time order correctly just by the name. 500+ photos sorted in about 10 minutes
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