Hi, My Thunderbird urls do not pop open the default (or any other) web browser. Instead, the Launch Application dialog box pops open. desktop.rekong is an option, but when I select it, the Rekong web browser doesn't popup. I also have Firefox and Chromium installed, but I can't find the executable within the Launch Application's file system directory. I'm not positive what to look for or where, nor why the desktop.rekong option doesn't work. I use Rekong most of the time. This is probably very simply, if I only knew what to do. Thanks for everyone's help. In the meantime, I've just been right-clicking on the url links, copying and pasting them into the web browser. There has got to be an easier way.

System: Kubuntu 13.10 with Thunderbird 24.3.0

[PS-- Everything else about Kubuntu is steller perfection. I've used Ubuntu and Xubuntu for past distributions, but without a doubt, for the desktop Kubuntu is the way to go for me. It's easy enough, plus far more powerful, versitile and innovative. Kubuntu has arrived!! ]