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Thread: Intermitant wireless after upgrade gnome 14.04 beta

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    Intermitant wireless after upgrade gnome 14.04 beta

    So after an upgrade my wireless has been extremely slow. So I figured I'd try this which seemed to work great, except that now my wifi connection will randomly drop. The connection rate will slow down to the point that it gets timed out and then will eventually disconnect. If I turn off the wireless (both hardware and software) and then turn it back on it will reconnect again and work fine up until the point that it doesn't any more. It's not a major problem, as I can just turn it on and off. Just a note though there isn't a problem with the router or the connection at that end though, as there's another laptop with ubuntu 13.10 running that doesn't have connection issues, Also the read out from the router is nominal. I've included the read out from varunendra's script too.
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