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Thread: Dell Inspiron N4030

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    Dell Inspiron N4030

    Hello guys i'm totally new to Ubuntu but i want to try it.
    I'm about to install Ubuntu 12.04 on Dell Inspiron N4030.
    I think that i need some drivers for it but i just can't find them.
    Can you guys tell me where to find them or what do i need to do once i install it or before?
    Please help me, ask me for everything you want.
    ty :3

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    Re: About to change my OS to Ubuntu I need to download drivers, don't I?

    You might not need to download drivers.
    If you're able to use the "try Ubuntu" option instead of installing it, you might be able to get an idea of whehter you need drivers or not.
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    Re: About to change my OS to Ubuntu I need to download drivers, don't I?

    Ok i'll try that
    thanks for taking your time to answer

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    Re: About to change my OS to Ubuntu I need to download drivers, don't I?

    Ubuntu comes with open-source drivers out of the box.
    And for the most part, most of the time, for most users, that is all you need.

    However, some of the time, under certain circumstances, they aren't the best.
    If you feel that's the case(example, they aren't the best for gaming)
    then you might be able to install what are known as the close source version
    (the closed source are the ones made by the makers, like amd or nvidia; broadcom for wireless chips)

    Let us know how you feel about the already in place open source drivers first, before going forward with the best method to install the closed source drivers, if they are needed.

    Edit: I noticed the the thread has been named to reflect the machine.
    If it's the same parts as typical of that machine, then it has intel graphics.
    Intel provides ONLY open source drivers.
    So most likely no need to install drivers.
    There is the off-chance that more newer drivers intel provides might work better then the one Ubuntu uses.
    But, IMO, they can be a bigger pain to install then it's sometimes worth.
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