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Thread: Power Gurus: Trying to understand different power utilities.

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    Power Gurus: Trying to understand different power utilities.

    Hello friends. I am doing some Googling regarding TLP, Laptop Mode Tools, Powertop, etc., and still a little gray. As a result, I have some questions.

    1. Of the three listed tools above, do any conflict one another? Or can I have a combination of the above utilities installed at once?
    2. Between the three tools listed above, which provide (if this is possible to measure) the best power savings for a laptop?
    3. I thought I read about a power tool that was deprecated. Was it one of those listed above? I see on Google searches that there are forum posts for all 3 as recent as two weeks ago.
    4. Are there any other power saving utilities available that I should consider? Or is the bread-and-butter of them all on this list?

    In essence, just looking for some clarification on the topic between these utilities. Thanks for your time!

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    Re: Power Gurus: Trying to understand different power utilities.

    1) There can only be one, so don't use two tools for the same thing at the same time.
    Powertop isn't a power management tool so the former doesn't apply to it -> refer to the TLP FAQ

    2) Try yourself and learn.

    3) You mean Jupiter. It's deprecated, no point in using it anymore.

    4) In the end all tools work the same set of power save settings. The difference is rather in the way to configure them and in the quality of pre-configuration and documentation.


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