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Thread: Ubuntuone not syncing ALL folders/files...

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    Ubuntuone not syncing ALL folders/files...

    Ok, so I know that Mint 16 isn't technically "supported" by ubuntuone, even though it is based on Ubuntu, but I did get it to work before but it seems to be disliking me this time, so I was hoping I could get some input...

    After installing ubuntuone and the control-panel-qt to make it work on mint, it started syncing with the files on the server. Perfect! But then when it finished and said the sync was up-to-date, I checked the folders. Sure enough, I'm missing several folders that did NOT sync through. I know they're on the server because they're syncing with my other computer just fine and they also show up when I log into the ubuntuone website to view them. So is there a way to somehow refresh the file cache on ubuntuone so it can rescan for all files on the site again or something? It seems I got *most* of my things, but there are still things that I need missing.


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    Re: Ubuntuone not syncing ALL folders/files...

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