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Thread: Installing packages errors

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    Installing packages errors

    Im new to all this so i dont know too much about Ubuntu. I installed 12.04 LTS version and i have problem where almost every package i install on the end i get error that instalation fails but applications seems to be installed. Does that have some connection with encrypting that i choose when i started installing Ubuntu?

    Second thing: I have installed win7 (2primary part.) and one logical so i resized logical and made 2 more partitions for ubuntu 1 is 15gb as main and second 5gb swap at the end of that HDD. I manage to install Ubuntu but i cant format linux swap partition. Is it maybe that a reason for receiving error?

    I have HP G6 Pavilion 4GB DDR2 ram
    500GB hitachi HDD
    processor AMD E2-3000M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics × 2

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    Re: Installing packages errors

    I don't understand.
    What's what about what?

    firstly, what are the errors for the updates.

    secondly, how did you make the swap partition?
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    Re: Installing packages errors

    I somehow solved problem.
    1. Ubuntu install from USB
    2. I choose to encrypt home and swap
    3. After several attempts i first made format swap partition and then ubuntu with ext4 fs
    4. Everything was nearly ok but when i was booting system i get error /dev/mapper/cryptwap1 (you probably know)
    5.Gparted didn t recognise swap at all from start. it was showing unknown with red sign .
    6. Then i was searching internet how to install java7 and i found some pages where it is uses ppa:webupd8team .... and try that but i was getting error mismatching packages SHA:***
    7. after that every single application that i tryed to install was installing with error on the end. First i was thinking that apps wasnt installed but i notice that shortcuts was there.
    8 I installed Synaptic Package manager app for removing and adding packages and i uninstall anything that was java7 related and installed Icetea java app and that solved problem with java.
    9 After that every package was installing ok.
    10. I found on internet solution for cryptwap1 missing error. i did everything as it should but when i dont do command sudo ecryptfs-setup-swap Gparted recognise swap as normal linux-swap fs ..... And if i use that command i get startup error dev mapper cryptswap1 is not ready .... then i must everything from start.

    So problem was installing Oracle-java7 from repository so if anyone has that kind of problem this is how i solved. Mismatching package.
    For cryptwap1 booting error i guess that Gparted cant recognise it becouse it is encrypted or something else idk becouse this is first time i have installed Ubuntu.


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