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Thread: Outputting EasyCap video to a stream

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    Outputting EasyCap video to a stream

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some help please on whether something is possible.

    I have this device

    which takes phono from my security camera and passes it to USB, with Windows I can see the output of the video camera, and Ubuntu recognises it (and some chap in this guide has managed to make more of this device)

    So I'm wondering if the video device that this hardware presents to Ubuntu is possible to convert to a real time stream, which I can access from web browsers across my network?

    Can anyone think of a way that can be done, or even start me off in the right direction please?

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    Re: Outputting EasyCap video to a stream

    Read the ffmpeg help file. Google will find it.

    You can serve streams with ffserve.

    You also need to read the route man page, since you will need to configure a default route for multicast streams. There is an example in this man page.

    Finally, you can test the playback with ffplay.

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    Re: Outputting EasyCap video to a stream

    thanks so much, i'll check out ffmpeg now.

    Regarding a "stream", maybe I have my terminology wrong, I was thinking that perhaps I can host the stream on the box which is capturing and just access it through worst case a web browser, or best case a plugin to XBMC!


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