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Thread: MacBook Pro 8,2 high sound with plugged in charger

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    MacBook Pro 8,2 high sound with plugged in charger


    With the aid of a fantastic guide from this forum (see here: I was able to install Ubuntu 13.10 on my partly dead MacBook Pro with SSD (AMD Radeon chip is defect, so I only booted with Intel Graphics according to the guide). There is one last issue though: With plugged in charger from Apple there is an annoying high pitched sound from within the device everytime I do something "new" for example. That means: If I open an app the first time there is this high sound. If I do it again a few seconds later there is no sound anymore. If I click on a button the first time it makes that sound, a second click on the button doesn't do anything.

    The sound still comes when I mute my MacBook Pro. The sound itself is exactly the same sound I know from my Dell monitor when powering on for the first seconds when the monitor activates the backlight.

    How can I get my MacBook Pro not to make those annoying sounds anymore?

    Thanks in advance!


    ADDITION: I just noticed the sound does not show up when booting from an attached USB drive with "Try Ubuntu" mode and attached charger as well. I'm helpless
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    Re: MacBook Pro 8,2 high sound with plugged in charger

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