so, im bored and uninterested with Win7, and im looking for somthing different. somthing non-windows

im a very heavy gamer, and above anything else, i want compatibility with all my games. think along the lines of Mass Effect series, and anything you would consider an A1 title. Metro series, Far Cry series, and pretty much most games.

problem is, i cant seem to find somewhere i can search game compatibility, and i dont want to sit there and search each of the 103 games i have on steam individually (as well as the 15 origin games)

so is anyone able to tell me if they have had any problems? or if they know if its worth the switch? and i dont want to have to use an emulator to play the games, as that kind of defeats the purpose of my switching to ubuntu anyways

any feedback/opionions would be fantastic.

im not really concerned with any other functionality, as thats somthing i can work on in the future, gaming is the main "priority" here.