I currently use windows, but have mucked around in Linux (have just set up a raspberry pi as a web/backup server), and with windows 8 am getting more and more keen for a change over to Linux (at the moment I think Ubuntu is best bet). I am a website dev and use dreamweaver, but also do some video work etc and have the Adobe CS5 master collection.

I do not use the WYSIWYG part of dreamweaver. I code everything from scratch (html, css, ajax/jquery, javascript, php, mysql), but love the colour coding and error detection that dreamweaver uses (for example if you dont close a loop or use a ; in php, dreamweaver will flag that line red). The other feature that is awesome in dreamweaver is the site management.

I have a local server for development and testing (this will soon be on the raspberry pi). The www is set as a mapped network drive on the windows machine, and the local path is set through there in dreamweaver. The FTP server is just set up with the details for the live server account online. So as I save (which because its local is instant), I can press F5 in the browser window (duel monitors) to view my changes. If I like what is done and it is ready to go live (or it is server specific features that I have to test on the live site), I can just use ctrl+u to upload when in that file, or select the entire site from the file structure tree to upload the lot.

Is there any software that has a good project manager (quick and easy to use that includes FTP) as well as code highlighting/highlighting/error detection? When people have posts on the forum, seems to always point to a WYSIWYG that may not have the features I need. Keen to hear from some PHP devs here to see what they have used and like if possible.

Of course it would be nice to get the entire CS5 suite running in linux, but doubt that will happen