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Thread: Problems with Unity 3D loading projects

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    Problems with Unity 3D loading projects

    So i recently installed Unity on Ubuntu just because people said it works and so that i have a machine to fall back on just in case my Windows PC kicks the bucket. It works and everything. the splash screen goes away and then it comes up with the project dialog but whenever i attempt to open a project, i get this error message.

    Moving C:/users/michael/My Documents/Documents/game/Temp/tempFile 1 to C:/users/michael/My Documents/Documents/game/Temp/tempFile
    I'm not sure what this means so if anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be great

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    Re: Problems with Unity 3D loading projects

    I am getting the same error and cannot find a solution. If I hit cancel, the error pops up about a half dozen times then then Unity3d appears to start up properly. I am so terribly new to both Unity3D and Ubuntu that I am not sure if Unity3d works after hitting cancel several times. One thing that strikes me as odd is that upon opening Unity3D, it appears to default to attempting to open the project that initially caused the error, without my command to "open project." I did also notice after a while that looking in System>Processes, there were several instances of "Unity.exe" running, and other "Unity*.***" processes running (the latter maybe related to the unfortunately same-named Ubuntu Unity?).

    I installed the latest Unity3D 4.3 using the ubiquitous "How to Install Unity3d 4.X in Ubuntu" video from Youtube, and I imported the shell project its author provided to work around the "New Project" bug.

    Thanks in advance.


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