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Thread: Elementary OS - Slow Startup

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    Elementary OS - Slow Startup

    Hello, everyone.

    I had a little experience with Ubuntu in 2009, and now, after getting a PC with Windows 8 -and hated it-, I decided to give another try. I look up and ended with Elementary OS: is a great OS, and works really fast. I lovin' it.

    But I have a little problem: it takes a lot of time to boot (around 5 minutes) and when suspended takes like two minutes to load the identification screen.

    I asked in the eOS site, and told me to post my quetion here, but before, to do a dmesg in the terminal. I got a big log, but i'm not sure to post it right away here (been noob and all it might be annoying, I don't know).

    I could really apreciatte the help, because I don't want to uninstall this distro, because it really suits me for my everyday tasks.

    Let me know if I need to do something to you to get any clue.

    PD: My PC is a Samsung np355v4c with an a10 amd and ati graphics.
    PD2: Sorry for my bad english, but it's not my first language.

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    Re: Elementary OS - Slow Startup

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    Elementary may be based on Ubuntu, but it is its own distribution.
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