I have a Toshiba Portege 3490CT (currently running Windows 2000), I believe it was manufactured in 2001.
It has 256 megabytes memory(the maximum the machine can handle) and a 20 GB hard disk.
I obtained ubuntu-12.04.4-alternate-i386-iso file and I attempted to burn it to a CD to use for installation. Unfortunately, it is too large to burn to a regular CD.
My Portege has a plug-in "Multi-Media Port Replicator" which has a regular CD drive, a USB (version 1) port and a network port.
The Portege laptop has one USB(version 1) port, but it is NOT ABLE to boot from USB.
It can boot from a regular CD or from a Network. I do not know how to boot it from a network.

Is this laptop too old (too little RAM? too little hard disk space?) to install ubuntu?
How can I get around the problem of the ubuntu-12.04.4-alternate-i386-iso file being too big to burn to a regular CD?